Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weems Collection

My friend, Michael Weems, opened his new gallery on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs this week. His gallery features his scuplture and tabletop design. His collection consists of metal pieces that have been reclaimed from a "desert metal graveyard". There is an interesting juxtapostion of the smooth powder-coated texture and rigidity of the metal as material and the organic forms it takes when mutulated and distressed. The pieces are powdered coated in brilliant hues like fire engine red and orange, as well as, shimmering metallics of silver, gold and bronze.

My favorite are the Osaka Platters (pictured above in white) and Pompeii Bowls of his works. The belt buckles are very cool too - they look as if your belt buckle was molten metal (pictured at top).

Check out the Michael Weems Collection website designed by Gigspot.

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