Thursday, June 5, 2008

Muscle Activation + Vibration

I went with a couple friends last night to open house at Prana Urban Healing Lounge. It's an Alternative Health Lounge located in the Castro district of San Francisco. My friend Matt has a practices his MAT Muscle Therapy there and he has been telling me about this therapy he does called Muscle Activation. I am not very athletic and use mostly my brain instead of my body... but my body still gets all weird and twisted from sitting in front of the computer most the day. So he demonstrated it to me. Then I totally got what he did. He basically helps restore your muscles full range of motion. Afterwards he also introduced me to this intense vibrator. It's not like it sounds. It's a professional machine he use that looks like a big hammer, but it vibrates really fast. I'm not sure how fast, but it looks like a hummingbirds wings moving. Fast. My body felt so amazing after he used it on me - it help relieve my pain that was very deep. My friends lined up for a sample treatment too! It was great to go eat dinner and feel all relaxed... Now, he has this Vibration Platform that I need to give a whirl. See how that shakes me up. If I keep it up, maybe I'll be able to move my wings as fast as a hummingbird.

You can read more about Matt and his MAT Techniques, Vibration Machines and Personal Training on his website Muscle Activate.

You can also see his Business Card above... Laid out by gigspot.

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