Monday, November 3, 2008

instant/space - Branding by Larimie

I finally completed the branding and website for instant/space. the logo in a more simple interpretation of her jackalope logo. the colors are subtle, crisp and inviting. each web page has collage header that eludes to your experience opening and instant/space box and viewing your room's board for the first time.

[ instant/space box - i developed a presentation the client could customize easily,
but still have a high-end polished refinement to it ]

instant/space is a new service from interior designer, Betsy Burnham. Betsy will turn your house inside out and then right side up again. You simply fill out a form and you get your room in box delivered to your door.

[ "Big British Flag Lamp" design by Betsy Burnham for i/s couture ]

Also check out here new i/s couture collection.

See more logo designs by Gigspot. Special thanks to Tracy for all her help and dedication!

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