Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jet Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple...

I was walking down the street near my house and stumbled across one of my favorite San Francisco street artists, Jet Martinez, painting one of his wonderful murals. He has been working on a giant mural on the side of Plant It Earth – a wonderful hydroponic shop in the city on Divisadero and Grove in the NOPA district.

Jet is absolutely one of my favorite local artist - he is extremely talented and has a wonderful vision. We have a similar use of silhouette in form and of course common love of subject. His murals of exotic flora forms of trees, flowers and plants can be spotted throughout the city. Colorful, Suessian landscapes vast in imagination and the organized chaos in nature. He delicately recreates systems and patterns in nature through his eyes and what a marvelous recreation it is. You can also check out a brilliant mural by him in Clarion Alley in the Mission.

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