Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Diaspora" Silkscreen

I went to the Museum of African Diaspora, aka MoAD, a couple months ago and was inspired by the visuals and stories I absorbed there. Lisette, Deja and I took advantage of the free silkscreen print making class while we were there. We sat and cut stencil designs out of paper and then did a monoprint silkscreen from them. My piece was of an African woman with neck decorations. Lisette did a profile of a man.


After getting home and looking at the piece I did that day, I began to work on this version of the illustration which became my print, "Diaspora". The print is one color, a metallic copper, on white paper, 11"x14" - signed and numbered. * You can purchase "Diaspora" on my PayPal widget.

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Sewlutions' World said...

Looking good! That is something I've always wanted to do.