Friday, October 2, 2009

"Getting Down" on Comedy Central

Yes, it's true as the Hollywood Reporter has said, Comedy Central is ordering a TV Pilot for the "The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down". This Pilot is going to be based upon the 2006 Indie Feature Comedy made by a small team of friends who were also professionals. Paul Sapiano wrote and directed the film. Enrique Aguirre was Executive Producer and editor. All the post production was handled with the immense help of Johnny Bachelier and Aaron Neitz. And me? I was responsible for all the graphics throughout the film and the collage opening title sequence... which I was fortunate enough to work with photos from the Cobrasnake.

I had a meeting with a sweet woman at Comedy Central, but no promises from them on how the original creators will be involved the making of the TV series. It would be a shame for them to let anyone else run with it.

Enjoy the opening title sequence by me, Larimie Garcia.

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