Thursday, February 21, 2008

Philippe Burger - Yummo!

Illustration by Xhico
I went today to my favorite lil' restaurant in Palm Springs, Chez Philippe. I recently designed some charcters (above) and some display menus for him. He added a Burger to his menu, so I had to give it a try... DEE-LISH-US! It was a great burger!

The Kobe Beef patty with thick, juicy and full of flavor. It was simply seasoned and the full flavor of the beef really came through. The toasted Brioche Roll offered a slightly crusty, yet light compliment to the hearty patty and thick melted layer of Swiss Cheese. The burger was moist and need very little condiments, so a dab of Garlic Aioli did the trick. It was traditionally finished with tomato, onion, and hearts of romaine. Though the romaine provided a nice crunch, I would have preferred Arugula to add a bit of a peppery bite.

The burger was served with Mixed Greens with a tasty house vinagrette. The French Fries were, well, French Fries. Nothing special - they could have been a bit more gourment to really compliment the burger. Skinny, crunchy fries would have been perfect!

Overall, another delisious meal at Philippe's. Bon Appetit!

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