Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Boys and Girls Guide" on Showtime!

Poster art directed and designed by Xhico.

Xhico's friends made this independent comedy, directed by Paul Sapiano, called "The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down". You can check out the film and the motion graphics done by Larimie Garcia for Gig Design this month on Showtime! Check your local listings or Showtime.com to find out more.

A bouncy, tongue-in-cheek tutorial on clubbing (including tips for getting past the velvet rope and how to after-party), this satirical comedy from writer and director Paul Sapiano contains all the information a viewer would ever require to become a hipster, or simply mock one.

Click on the "remind me" link below if you would like an email reminder to watch. All times ET/PT.

Showtime Next - Saturday - 11:15 PM

Showtime Showcase - May 22 - 1:15 AM

Showtime Next - May 25 - 2:45 AM

Showtime Too - May 26- 3:00 AM

Showtime Next - May 30 - 11:30 PM

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