Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baggu will Save U

I got my first Baggu. I love it. I want more. More colors!

The Baggu will save your world. It's a reusable shopping bag. Well, first you can easily tote them with you to the grocery store or farmer's market. They're stylish enough to take to the mall or as a tote to the beach. These nylon totes pack neatly into a small square pouch that fits in your pocket. I stash mine in my backpack always. It's reusable-durable design is available in more colors than Skittles. Make your own rainbow!

- You will save resources such as paper and plastic
- You will produce less waste
- You will look eco-conscience and stylish at the same time
- You grocer will knock a few pennies off your grocery bill
- You will save space - you won't store a mess of empty bags under you sink

Next I'm going to get one in Oyster, Pigment Green and Smoke!

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