Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Santogold at the Fillmore!

Santogold (pictured) rocked the Fillmore in San Francisco last night. She brought the house down and people up off their feet! An amazing performance, full of energy, passion and vocal power. Not to mention the trick styling. She was in bright yellow pants with high rise waist, pantent leather crop jacket studded with an "S" on the back. She thru her sunglasses (which reminded me of Oakley blades) off after the first few songs. Her two dancers added a dash of spice here and there with their asymmetrical moves that were balanced by their identical looks and minimalist appearance on stage.

Santi White does it right!

She brought Low vs. Diamond, Alice Smith (pictured), and Mates of State. Mates of State were great... like Euro Minnie Mouse seduces a mechanic who is a drummer in a band at night. But the most powerful performance of the three openers was Alice Smith. She is an amazing talent. Her performance took me to another place, I was hypnotized by her presence and expression in her voice. She is one to watch and definitely my new favorite.

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